Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I dont think I'll ever actually post about Easter. lol. Here is a quick recap.

Who: My mom, brother, Ken and I

What: eating yummy foods and spending time in good company. We celebrated my mom's birthday and deviled eggs. Ken baked cornish hens for each of us that were really yummy. My mom made deviled eggs which were amazing. I made carrot cake with cream cheese icing and yellow cake with chocolate sour cream icing. I think I made something else? My mom also brought assorted candies and cakes and cookies and goodies. We did the Easter basket thing and all ate waaaay too much.

When: Easter Sunday

Where: My house! It was my mom and brother's first time seeing the new place.

Why: My mommy and brother are awesome and I don't know how to cook for two people. :-)

Other random thoughts about Easter-

Oh YEAH! I made eggs from not martha. I poked holes in eggs and drained them. Then I dyed them, and the dog's tails. Then I baked them to sterilize. Then I put candies and paperclips in them and glued mini cupcake papers to them. Crack and enjoy. They were neat.

My memory card is full and I keep forgetting to put pictures on my computer, thus clearing out my memory card. Blogs really aren't any fun without pictures and I apologize if anyone reads this.

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