Sunday, April 11, 2010

Arts Festival

Ken and I went to the Arts Festival on Saturday. Bear and Buster also went. The dogs did really well, although Ken admitted I was right about not wanting to take Buster. He pulls, a lot. Bear did really well with his Gentle Leader. Everyone loved the doggies and kept calling Buster a beagle. He's a baby basset hound. I should have made him a shirt. I ate a giant cream puff that looked better than it tasted. Ken had crayfish that he said were better last year. We shared a pretzel that was everything I hoped for and more. So there ya go. Bear kind of stole the last little bit of it for me and I seriously though about taking it out of his mouth and eating it. The art was neat, but we went more for the food and to expose the dogs to a bunch of people and other dogs. I forgot my camera but I wouldn't have been able to take many pictures anyway what with holding the dog's leashes and stuff. We got asked where we got the dog's backpacks a lot, and what kind of dogs we had. I always thanked people for asking to pet the dogs and not just petting them. When kids asked if the dogs would bite I always told them they can, any animal with teeth can, but they won't unless they feel threatened. Some kids looked at me really weird after I said they can bite. It was a good experience overall.

I'm going to try to post at least once a calendar week. I keep neglecting my poor little blog. For the most part it's just out of lazyness and I wasn't terribly inspired to write anything. I'll post about Easter soon too. Now it's bed time.

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