Monday, March 22, 2010

House Goals 2010

In school they always made us have goals and usually I just came up with something cheesy and inspiring. Nevertheless, I think goals are good things to have. I have some goals for my house for this year. Yeah, it's almost April, but better late than never right. April is also much better than December for year related goals. I also like lists, maybe a little bit too much, so here is my list of goals for my house:

1. Organize the house
-a place for everything....although maybe not in it's place all the time
2. Paint the bathroom
- high gloss medium blue
3. Paint the bedroom
- I'm still in love with glossy black walls with white everything else...but the walls in the bedroom aren't in the best condition and gloss will make that show even more...hmm
4. Buy storage for bedroom
-ikea bookcase with baskets/boxes for clothes to replace the dresser
5. Fully decorate the dining room
-paint the walls, put up bead board, buy an area rug, curtains, build window seats, sew cushions, buy a couple chairs that aren't metal and foldable, figure out a non holiday arrangement for the pass through, decorate the walls, paint the inside side of the door
6. Put down laminate flooring in the kitchen
- snap and lock from ikea sounds awesome, especially at under a dollar a square foot
7. Re-caulk the bathtub and do something pretty with the sink

Here is the pass through right now, I'm not really sure what else to call it. I'll have to get a better picture before Easter. I'll have Ken hold a sheet or something behind it so you don't just see the kitchen mess behind it. The Easter decorations came from my mom's awesome collections. I love holidays. My mom puts a ton of effort into them and really makes them special. She still hides eggs for my brother and Ken and I. :-)

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