Saturday, January 30, 2010

Green Smoothie

A while ago I was on a walk and a lady gave me a honey dew melon. I'm not really sure why, but yeah. She gave me a honey dew melon and told me to be blessed and that I had pretty dogs. Do you know how hard it is to walk three dogs and carry a honey dew melon? If she lived further away from me I would have have to tell her no lol. It sat on the counter and then in the fridge for a while while we decided if it was safe to eat. I don't really eat honey dew, so I decided to make a smoothie. I used some honey dew, a banana, cranapple juice, and frozen peaches. I just threw things in until it tasted right and had a good texture. After that it was a weird color, so I decided to throw a handful of spinach in. I also added some lemon juice. It was pretty tasty. I was going to have it for breakfast in the morning, but forgot and then I had to throw it away. I have frozen peaches and mango in the freezer so I may make another smoothie again. I also have some honey tangerines that are really...pulpy to eat by themselves. They'd probably be better in a smoothie. I wish I had a better way of making smoothies at night for in the morning. I think I tried freezing some of it in ice cube trays one time and I couldn't get them out in the morning.

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