Monday, January 18, 2010

The House

This is my house. Well in 30 years or so it'll be mine mine. :-) It was built in 1935. It isn't in bad shape at all. I know the previous owner personally. So far my boyfriend and I are still just unpacking and organizing. Today I painted the front door. It's purple...really purple. It needs a peep hole and a wreath or something. When I paid my water bill they told me I need a permit for pretty much everything except paint and carpet, so I kind of ran with that lol. Here are the "before" pictures. Please excuse the mess and boxes. The mess isn't anything unusual though lol. This is half the kitchen and one angle of the bedroom-

The carpet is burgundy and brand new. The walls are white. There aren't any bedroom doors up yet. The kitchen is tiny. And I love it. It's mine. :-)

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