Sunday, February 21, 2010

A long overdue Valentine's Day post

I meant to post this last weekend but I didn't quite get to it. It snowed a lot last week. On Thursday I tried to go to work and it didn't work. I called my boss and he said just to go home. I had already asked for Friday and Saturday off from work so I wasn't too concerned about the snow. The only thing was that Ken and I had reservations at Ferre for 7:30 on Friday. We ended up canceling the reservation and rescheduling it for Saturday at 10:00 pm. It was really nice. We had a gazpacho with scallops for the first course. Then we both had ravioli with fontina cheese and a black truffle butter sauce. For the entree I had sea bass with tortellini which was excellent. Ken had some kind of cow that wasn't quite to his liking. It was a good cut of meat and cooked perfectly, but it wasn't seasoned very well. He likes meat when he cooks it. After we finished with our entree Ken got down on one knee and I have no idea what he really said but I said yes and everyone 'awww'ed and for dessert we had a cornmeal lava cake with chocolate gelato and caramel sauce. Another table saw Ken proposing and bought us a bottle of champagne. It was really sweet and romantic. I'll add more pictures later.

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